Magician’s Secrets Revealed: How the most famous magic tricks work

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Magic tricks are some of the most exciting things that we can bear witness to, both as children and as adults. It doesn’t matter whether we’re sitting ringside at the circus or watching a magic trick happen live on television in Las Vegas, the most exciting part comes from wondering exactly how the trick happened, and what sort of sleight of hand was used to ensure that we the audience didn’t see how it happened.

Luckily for us curious types, there have been plenty of magicians who have chosen to share how their tricks are done, and also some sleuths who have taken the time to uncover how their tricks happened. We’re going to take a look at the five most famous magic secrets and how they are done.

Making The Statue Of Liberty Disappear

David Copperfield made headlines when he was able to make the Statue Of Liberty disappear in front of a live audience. It’s all very well and good to make a rabbit disappear but when you’re playing around with a 225-ton landmark it might be thought to be a little harder. Not so, apparently. Copperfield played around with the trick and instead of moving the object (as magicians do when it’s something small, like a bunny) he simply moved the audience. The platform that the audience were sitting on was slowly moved, and then using a combination of some duplicate lights and a bit of showmanship the illusion was complete. He made the statue reappear by reversing the trick.

Cutting Your Assistant In Half – With a Buzzsaw

We have been watching magicians saw hapless assistants secured in boxes in half for years, but it’s a lot more scary when there’s no box, and the assistant is secured onto a table with just a steel band. Still, it’s relatively easy to fit two people onto a table with their other halves tucked away somewhere, providing that they’re bendy enough and not afraid of small spaces. This proves that once again ‘magic’ is more about contortionism than it is about magic!

Cut lady in half trick - escape room Melbourne Escape room magic tricks


Criss Angel is the trailblazer for this one, and he’s managed to perform the stunt in front of audiences just a few feet away, leaving us to wonder how on earth he does it? His method is actually far simpler than using pulleys or ropes: He simply removes a foot from the shell of his shoe, and then (ensuring his audience is behind him) he rises up as he steps up on his now-invisible-to-the-audience leg. This leaves his empty shoe behind and creates the illusion of levitation.

Levitation magic trick revealed

The Guillotine

One of the most hair-raising tricks to be done by magicians, the guillotine trick employs a series of stoppers, riggings and secret compartments to execute (pardon the pun) this trick. Tiny little stop blocks prevent the blade from actually reaching the magician’s neck, and a trap door allows the magician’s head and shoulders to drop out of view, leaving a shell of his coat behind.

Guillotine Magic Trick

The Zig-Zag Lady

We all remember this trick don’t we, where the assistant steps into the box only to appear to have her midsection cut and pushed around? This trick is done by using a couple of very simple illusions: a slender assistant, and the right box and materials. The assistant simply steps into the magic cabinet, turns sideways and then extends whatever limbs she needs to to wave through a hole on the midsection, making it appear as though she has indeed been segmented.

Magic tricks revealed | Escape the Room

Did you already have these sussed out? Which magic tricks would you like revealed? (Don’t ask us our escape room secrets, you’ll have to work those out yourself ;))

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