How To Escape The Friend Zone

Written by Jenny Kellett on . Posted in Escape room

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Escape as many Escape Rooms as you like, escape from your room when you’re grounded or the police when you’ve been caught for indecent exposure (that’s right) but I think you will find that the hardest escape of all is from the notorious Friend Zone. Ahhh yes, the Friend Zone. Somewhere you will find yourself if the person you are attracted to just sees you as a friend. Somewhere between ‘I want to kiss you’ and ‘you’re like a brother to me’. It’s a place most of us know well and are desperately trying (although not too desperately hopefully) to get out of. So here are some tips on how to escape that ever so awkward Friend Zone.

Don’t act desperate

Once you have figured out you are in the Friend Zone (sorry) it’s important to try not to act desperate. Don’t let the fact that he or she is not as infatuated with you as you are with them lead you to some desperate act of attempted romance. Stop texting weird poems and love notes, stop the inappropriate amount of Instagram and Facebook photo likes and the creepy ‘compliments’ and get a grip! You’re not desperate, you just want something that it seems you cannot have. Of course, this will make you want it more, but calm yourself and don’t get carried away.

Try just being friends

It’s a hard one, but try just seeing yourself as friends with your future significant other. Perhaps he or she will notice this and appreciate it. Maybe if they see you are making an effort to genuinely get to know them as friends do they will want to spend more time with you, thus get to know you and obviously fall for your irresistible charm. Of course, this may not happen. Maybe when you get to know them you will see that you are not interested as you once were, and have avoided a bad relationship and gained a new friend. Or maybe you will get to know them well enough to decide that you do not like them romantically or at all, and thus saving yourself from a very horrible and life altering mistake. You’re welcome.

Talk to him/her

If the above step fails completely and you fall further into the Friend Zone abyss, perhaps it’s time to take a grown up step and actually talk to him or her about your feelings. It doesn’t have to be an intense heart to heart though, if you want you can phrase it as an apology for acting a bit ‘weird’. It is important you make them understand that although you may have feelings for them and are having this conversation to suss out how they feel about you, but you understand if they don’t feel the same.

Then play it cool

Ok so now don’t freak out. They know how you feel but as hard as it may seem, you have to play it cool. Like, ‘yeah I like you but I’m above all this petty high school stuff’ sort of thing. Be the ‘mature’ one. If someone brings it up you should just admit that the feelings you have are real and you’re ok with that. Because if you’re ok with it being publicly known that you are being Friend Zoned hard then everyone else will be ok with it too. Hey, they are probably empathising with you.


Now that you haven’t been the desperate weirdo you 100% considered being, you’ve been honest with yourself and him or her and you’ve gotten to known them and they you, all you can really do is wait. And when eventually you’re significant other comes to their senses and you can run out of that Friend Zone into their waiting arms you should give yourself permission to celebrate. The Friend Zone can be brutal and confusing, but remember if it is meant to be it will, and if not, then it’s not meant to be and you are destined for bigger and better things.


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